Collection: The Glendalough series - Plein Air Landscapes

Artist Kieran Guckian painting at the shore of the upper lake in Glendalough. He is standing in front of an easel with a canvas on it.

Painting on location in Glendalough.

This ongoing series of landscapes are painted on location (plein air) in Glendalough. My current focus is on the area around the upper lake, capturing the scenic views from the Spinc and the Miners Village. Despite the challenging conditions of cold temperatures and strong winds, this remains my favourite place to work in all seasons. The series will be an ongoing one with larger pieces in progress both on location and in the studio.

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Series locations in Glendalough

A painting is in progress on an easel at a lakes edge, the view is of the lake and cliff faces on the opposite side of the lake, location is the upper lake in Glendalough.

Landscape Painting Location

The Upper Lake

Originally carved out by a glacier the upper and lower lakes were at one time just a single massive lake, but sediment over time separated them out into what is now the lower and upper lakes. The upper lake is an incredibly tranquil place with the high steep walls of the Spinc on the south side of the lake, the opposite valley wall is less steep but no less dramatic. Painting at the lake shore is sheltered in some spots but you will get a lot of wind! You can follow the lake shore on the north side all the way to the Glenealo valley where the abandoned miners village from the 19th century is located. There is a much loved looped walk which continues all the way along the Spinc with amazing views all the way back to the beach area. Painting here is a wonderful experience, especially opposite the Spinc cliffs facing St. Kevin’s bed, a natural cave that the saint reportedly used for isolation periods of reflection.

A painting is in progress and unfinished on an easel on location at the Miners village in Glendalough, the easel is situated on top of ruined structures in the background is a scree heavy valley slope.

Landscape Painting Location

Glenealo Valley

When you follow the northern route around the upper lake you will reach the Glenealo valley. This is the site of abandoned lead mines and a village, active in the 19th century and briefly in the 20th, finally closing in the 1950s. The goats you will see in this area are the descendants from the goats the miners kept here. I've painted here a number of times, especially in the area of the Miners village and I love it here. It's a dramatic landscape with huge scree falls. The sun and lighting here is incredible with the sun breaking over the southern cliff walls casting a massive shadow that moves during the day. Its incredible to think about people living and working here when you stand here painting on a winter’s day with the wind cutting down the valley!

A painting is in progress on an easel at location in Glendalough on the Spinc, the view is of the valley slopes on the opposite side of the valley.

Landscape Painting Location

The Spinc

An Spinc which is Irish for ‘pointed hill’ is on the southern side of the upper lake. It’s a steep climb at the start but well worth the effort for the commanding views of the upper lake and the Glenealo valley. A challenging and very beautiful place to paint. It’s an effort to reach with the gear but having painted here a number of times, it’s probably my favourite of all the Glendalough spots to paint in. The feeling here is second to none when you are alone with an easel and the deer and goats! When painting here I do really feel the history of the place.

Painting of the Poolbeg lighthouse looking out to sea from the great south wall in Dublin. It is early afternoon with windy conditions as show with clouds and the sea. Howth head is on the horizon in the distance.

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